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GREE To Occupy 10% Of Space At This Year’s Tokyo Game Show [Social Games]


I attended almost every Tokyo Game Show event in recent years, and up until now, makers of social games (or online games in general, for that matter) were almost none present. But times are changing: GREE has announced it will not only take part this year but also occupy 120 units of the space available for exhibitors, or about 10% of the total.

The 120 units translate to 1,080sqm – in other words, the 200,000 visitors or so expected to come won’t be able to ignore the GREE booth. CyberAgent or Mixi won’t be present, but DeNA will showcase their ngCore game engine to developers in the Business Solutions corner of the show.

The Tokyo Game Show starts on September 15. 146 game companies will be taking part in the event.

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