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Raboo: Rakuten Opens Website For E-Book Online Store [E-Commerce]


Rakuten makes another step into selling digital content. The company has announced the launch of the website for their e-book store “Raboo” two days ago:

So far, only buyers of Panasonic’s e-reader UT-PB1 were able to access Raboo from their device, but now anybody can purchase books through the website.

What’s weird is that browsing through the content is possible only on the e-reader itself or through a work-around, the so-called “Chira Yomi” service. The main idea here is to make it easier to view and browse through the thousands of titles listed on a bigger PC screen.

The website also makes it possible to share recommendations for Raboo e-books via Email, Twitter, Facebook, Mixi or GREE.

Rakuten is expected to expand the Raboo service soon.


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