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Dragon Collection: Konami’s GREE Title Awarded At Tokyo Game Show 2011 [Social Games]


GREE had one of the biggest booths at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (which ended yesterday), and quite a large space was reserved for third-party titles (GREE only offers nine self-developed games on its platform, after all). From those titles, Konami’s social collectible card game Dragon Collection, was displayed most prominently (see the picture I took on Thursday at the GREE booth below).

And that appeared to have paid off: Japan’s Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) gave away the “Japan Game Awards 2011 Future Division” for a total of ten different console/PC titles after the show, and Dragon Collection won a “special award” as a social game.

Nothing surprising so far, but what’s weird is that this category is reserved for games that are not yet published (makers are allowed to display any title they want, including older games). All games in this category fulfilled that condition – apart from Dragon Collection, which has been published on GREE almost a year ago.

I don’t get it, but again, GREE was more or less the only “pure” social game maker at the show and didn’t really display a lot of new games to begin with.

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