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Capcom Sees Bright Future In Social Games [Social Games]


Japanese video game makers are increasingly going social games, and Capcom hasn’t been an exception. It’s the maker that boasts the most international exposure in the mobile (social) gaming field, thanks to titles like Smurf’s Village and others.

In an interview with Bloomberg Japan, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto now said that the rise of social games had an “earth-shattering” effect on the gaming industry as a whole. He likened this shift to the time when pinball machines were pushed out of the market by arcade machines in the 1980s.

For his company, Tsujimoto expects the 6.6% that social games currently contribute to the operating profit will balloon to about 30% “in a few years”.

Capcom has just established Beeline, a sub-brand specifically for social games. Biohazard Outbreak Survive, a social game Capcom is currently offering on GREE, passed the one million user mark earlier this month.

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