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Mixi Starts Offering Analytics For Mixi Pages [Social Networks]


Mixi announced it added a new feature to Mixi Pages, its version of Facebook pages for individuals, companies or celebrities to broadcast information and promote themselves (Mixi introduced the feature in September).

Owners of sites can now track the number page views, unique users, followers, comments, and “likes”.

Mixi says that this data can only be accessed through PCs for now, but that they will make it possible to view all data on other devices later, too (Mixi Pages themselves are available through the PC, feature phones and Mixi Touch, Mixi’s smartphone browser site).

In addition, Mixi also added the Pages feature to its main navigation menu, as you can see below. Mixi rarely does this, meaning they are set to push the feature going forward.

Mixi Pages added (from top to bottom) on the navigation of the PC, mobile, and smartphone versions:

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