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Big Win For DeNA: Final Fantasy For Mobage Is Coming [Social Games]


It’s not the first mobile social game from Square Enix, but DeNA just announced a big win: Final Fantasy is coming to Mobage, albeit for the Japanese market first.

Details of the social version of the mega-popular RPG series are scarce, but DeNA says Mobage players can pre-register on Mobage Japan’s website or app beginning today (find the QR code below).

The game, which doesn’t have a title yet, will be jointly developed by DeNA and Square Enix under a “fighting for teammates” concept. Square Enix opened a teaser site today.

What’s interesting is that buyers of Final Fantasy Type-0, a Sony PSP game that went on sale in Japan today, can expect yet to be determined in-game-benefits when playing the Mobage title, too (the concept of connecting mobile social and handheld console games has been already realized by Sega, for example).

Square Enix is currently operating a number of social RPGS on both Mobage and GREE, for example Gleipnora or Knights of the Crystals.

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