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Konami Releases Professional Baseball Dream Nine On Mobage [Social Games]


A nice win for DeNA: Konami has silently released one of their top social games on GREE, namely social baseball card game Professional Baseball Dream Nine, on Mobage today.

The game is now available on Mobage for Japanese feature phones and Mobage for Android. It looks like Konami just “ported” the title over from GREE without making big changes. An iOS version will follow, too.

Konami’s other top social games, J-League Dream Eleven and Dragon Collection, remain GREE-exclusive for the time being.

What’s interesting is that Konami is currently suing competitor gloops which provides a very similar baseball game on Mobage. Konami says the gloops titles infringes in their copyright. gloops’ baseball game just passed the 1.5 million user mark on Mobage, which means Konami has some catching up to do.

Here is how the Mobage version of Professional Baseball Dream Nine looks:

On GREE, Konami started distributing Professional Baseball Dream Nine today on iOS for the first time (it was only available on GREE for feature phones and GREE on Android so far).

Via Famitsu (1,2)

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