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Busou Shinki Battle Communication: Konami Launches New Social Game On Mobage [Social Games]


Are DeNA and Konami getting friendlier with each other? After releasing GREE top hit Professional Baseball Nine on Mobage, Konami now launched another social game on the DeNA platform.

Busou Shinki BATTLE Communication is a social RPG set in the near future. Players have to clear missions, level up their skills, fight in battles, etc. – the usual.

What’s interesting about this title is that Konami uses proprietary IP: Busou Shinki is actually a series of figures that have interchangeable parts. In the game, players can “customize” each part of their hero, for example to strengthen the arms or legs separately from each other (see below).

There are also two Busou Shinki video games that Konami created for the Sony PSP.

The new social game is exclusively available on Mobage for Japanese feature phones:


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