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Third-Party Game Maker Gloops Boasts 10 Million Members On Mobage [Social Games]


One of the biggest (if not the biggest) third-party social game providers on Mobage, Tokyo-based gloops, announced it now counts 10 million members across all of its titles. That means Gloops is playing in the same league as Konami, which boasts over 11 million social game users (mostly on GREE).

Gloops says their 10 million users are spread across 9 battle-type games, one sports game and two more titles. The company currently offers 12 games in total, all on Mobage.

10 million registered users is a number that’s high enough to go IPO (which will probably happen very soon) or build a self-owned community outside of Mobage (which isn’t impossible either, given DeNA takes a 30% cut of all revenue).

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