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Sega’s Phantasy Star Lands On Yahoo Mobage [Social Games]


Sega announced that Phantasy Star, one of the most successful RPG series of all time, has been released on Yahoo Mobage, Yahoo Japan’s and DeNA‘s PC-based social gaming platform.

The Flash-based social version is called “Phantasy Star – Eternal Planets”, with Sega saying it takes place in the worlds of the two Phantasy Star games the company released on the Sony PSP. And as you can see on the screenshots below, the game looks very pretty.

The Yahoo Mobage title for the PC is a follow up to Phantasy Star – Eternal Hunters, a mobile social game Sega released for Mobage on Japanese features earlier this year.

Yahoo Mobage recently hit six million users.

Screenshots for Phantasy Star – Eternal Planets:

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