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Capcom’s Monster Hunter Social Game Debuts At No. 4 On GREE [Social Games]


“Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima”, a social game from Capcom’s super-popular fantasy game series Monster Hunter (19 million units sold so far), has been released on December 19 (it has been announced last month).

The title is available on GREE for feature phones and smartphones and has been co-developed with Tokyo-based gumi.

And apparently, the Monster Hunter brand helps in the social gaming world, too: Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima jumped from zero to 4 in GREE’s ranking of the most popular third-party games.

I am expecting Monhan to continue to do well on GREE, as the title’s mechanics are (completing missions and quests, collecting items, leveling up of character parameters, virtual currency, etc.) transferable to a social game.

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