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Namco Bandai Boasts 10 Million Players For Their Social Games In Japan [Social Games]


It took them a bit longer than Konami, but now Namco Bandai also owns the bragging rights of having 10 million registered users on social games on the Japanese market. The company announced it has reached the milestone on January 12.

According to Namco Bandai, their three Gundambased social games alone have 6 million registered players. Their two other top franchises are the “Tales Of” RPG series and classic Sci-Fi series Kamen Rider, offered on Mobage and GREE.

As all of Japan’s major video game makers at this point, Namco Bandai is very bullish on the domestic social gaming market: the company aims at eventually generating sales of US$130 million per year with social games (without specifying when).

Last year, Namco Bandai has set up a joint venture with DeNA called BDNA to speed up social game development.

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