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One Piece Social Game On Mobage Gets 1 Million Users In 4 Days [Social Games]


It seems Namco Bandai just added quite a few social gamers to its member base of 10 million: One Piece Grand Collection, the social game based on the wildly popular anime the company released last week, boasts one million registered users on Mobage.

What’s amazing is that it took just 4 days to reach this milestone, highlighting that turning the right IP (One Piece is currently one of the most famous manga and anime series worldwide) into a social game does have potential.

Namco Bandai hasn’t released details, but I am assuming releasing the title on feature phones and smartphones at the same time helped them getting so many users in such short time, too (Namco Bandai is also DeNA‘s partner, and as a game company, it never hurts to be on the side of the platform provider).

One Piece Grand Collection is Namco Bandai’sĀ fourth social games topping one million users.

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