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Nomura: Japanese Social Gaming Market To Double In Size By 2016 [Social Games]


I have listed up several stats from several sources trying to size up Japan’s social gaming market in recent months (see below).

The Nomura Research Institute says that Japan’s social gaming market will likely be worth 393.5 billion yen (US$5.1 billion) in fiscal 2016, roughly doubling in size when compared with 2011.

Here is a full overview from the main sources (100 million yen are US$1.3 million currently):

Projection from Seed Planning, December 2010:

Projection from JP Morgan, June 2011:
2011: 213.4 billion yen

2012: 267.2 billion yen

2013: 308.4 billion yen

Projection from Morgan Stanley, January 2012:

Projection from Yano, January 2012:

Projection from Nomura Research Institute, January 2012/graphic from Nikkei Online:

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