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Sangokushi Kingdom: GREE’s First Party Game Hits 200,000 Users [Social Games]


Sangokushi Kingdom, a social card battle game (again), racked up a total of 200,000 registered users on GREE. The first-party game was launched on GREE for feature phones in September 2011, when the company was exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show.

In the “historic” social game, players take on the role of military commander of one of three different kingdoms (Sangokushi means¬†Annals of the Three Kingdoms).

GREE players can complete missions with each other in order to level up a card’s parameters and obtain new ones to complete the deck.¬†As usual, it’s also possible to mix two cards in order to get a stronger one.

The goal of the game is to unify the three kingdoms.

Via Social Game Info

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