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CyberAgent Acquires 70% Stake In Tokyo-Based Game Maker R-Force [Social Games]


CyberAgent is continuing to expand its social gaming business. The Japanese web powerhouse, which is currently listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a US$1.9 billion market cap, has acquired a majority stake in Tokyo-based R-Force Entertainment.

The Tokyo-based game maker has been around since 1999 and developed over 300 titles since. R-Force currently employs around 30 people, according to its website.

R-Force’s most recent hit is Coinfalls, a gambling app for iOS that made it briefly into the top 10 ranking in the Japanese iTunes store. The company has developed a number of social games (Japanese only), too.

Cyberagent bought 70% of the company for an undisclosed sum and absorbed R-Force into its group.

Here are all social app/game makers CyberAgent now owns:

  • R-Force Entertainment
  • Cygames
  • CyberX
  • Sumzap
  • Applibot
  • Grenge (a joint venture with Mixi)
  • CA Beat
  • CyberAgent America

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