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GREE International To Move To New Office In San Francisco [Social Games]


Osaka isn’t the only city GREE is moving to: GREE International, GREE’s US company, is ready to move to a new office in San Francisco this spring.

The company will be operating out of 41,000 square feet in a space located in San Francisco’s China Basin neighborhood. By way of comparison: Zynga (in 2010) signed the city’s biggest “office lease in years”, now occupying 270,000 square feet at the Townsend Center.

The Zynga office was enough for over 2,000 people, meaning GREE is making room for about 300 employees – which would make sense: last year, during a web industry conference in Kyoto (which I attended), GREE International CEO Naoki Aoyagi said his company is on track to hire 300 people in the US by the end of 2013.

GREE International moving to a new office is hardly a surprise, given the company has been hiring like crazy in recent months and is planning to launch a globally integrated mobile social gaming platform between April and June this year.

Full PR in English here.

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