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DeNA and Daum Launch “Daum Mobage” In South Korea [Social Games]


Today is a big day for DeNA: after rolling out the awesome-looking Infinity Blade Cross on Mobage for Japanese iPhones, the company just announced the launch of Daum Mobage in South Korea.

The partnership with Daum, one of Korea’s biggest web portals, was announced last November. The plan is to get 10 million players in a year – in other words, more than 20% of all Koreans are supposed to be turned into Mobage users by February 2013 (good luck with that).

Korean users can download the Mobage app and separate Mobage game apps on the Android market starting today. There are five titles available from the get-go:

  • Ninja Royale (made by DeNA itself)
  • We Rule (ngmoco)
  • Tap Fish Tropical (Gameview Studios)
  • Wonder Cove (Gameview Studios)
  • Happy Ocean (Flowgamez)

DeNA says that Kaito Royale, their flagship title, will be available for download later this month.

The company explains:

Daum Mobage allows smartphone users in South Korea to enjoy social networking features, such as avatars, status updates, creation and participation in groups as well as high-quality, Korean-language social games from around the world. All 38 million current Daum users can easily sign up for Daum Mobage with their existing Daum IDs and passwords. DeNA and Daum will continue to support Daum Mobage with a steady stream of captivating titles from South Korea and the rest of the world.

Players can download and play free mobile games and purchase Moba-coins, the virtual currency on Mobage, to enhance their gaming experiences. Purchases can be made using the Daum Billing mobile payment system, which is compatible with carrier billing, credit cards as well as the Daum Cash virtual currency. DeNA and Daum plan to add more options for payment methods for increased convenience.

More information in DeNA’s English press release.

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