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Finally: Infinity Blade Cross Lands On Mobage [Social Games]


Good news for DeNA: the company just announced the launch of Infinity Blade Cross, the social game version of the iOS super hit. The title, which was announced way back in June last year, is exclusively available on Mobage in the Japanese App Store.

DeNA explains:

Infinity Blade Cross is a free-to-play iOS game that delivers the series’ trademark thrilling combat and high-end 3D graphics. Players take on the role of a heroic knight who must seek out and defeat a series of powerful titans across the kingdom. During the quests, players gather equipment and “spirits,” which can be fused together to augment the hero’s abilities, or purchase virtual items to enhance the game experience.

Infinity Blade Cross is offered in collaboration with Epic Games and its award-winning studio, ChAIR Entertainment. Japan’s iNiS Corporation also contributed to the title as a development partner.

DeNA didn’t say when/if an English version might follow. Mobage on iOS isn’t available in English yet, but the Japanese app can be downloaded here (a Japanese Mobage account is required).

As the iOS counterpart, Infinity Blade Cross looks awesome, as you can see in the official trailer:

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

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