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GREE Fixes doliland Bug [Social Games]


GREE announced they have fixed the glitch in doliland and made it possible for all players to use the card trading function again. A glitch in their top social game and No. 1 money maker, which was made public a few days ago, made it possible for two players to copy rare cards and sell them off online.

Again, the game was never offline: contrary to some media reports, GREE temporarily turned off the card trading function within the game. doliland was generally accessible at all times.

So not only did several news outlets (especially in Japan) overblow the issue, some even spread false information (which could be avoided just by logging into the game…). I made a video explaining another function in doliland while the card trading feature was turned off.

As I assumed yesterday, GREE says they are offering free virtual items to be used in doliland to all registered players in order to make up for the inconvenience caused by the glitch.

I just checked my doliland account and found this offer (I received the card shown after clicking the red button under it):

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