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GREE Announces New Social Yakuza Game For Smartphones [Social Games]


Back in February 2011, Sega launched the first social version of Ryuu Ga Gotoku, its popular action-adventure game series on GREE for feature phones. (The video game version is known as “Yakuza” in the US and other places.)

In July 2011, Sega followed up with a social Yakuza game on GREE for the iPhone.

And now, GREE is getting a third social Yakuza game, namely Ryuu Ga Gotoku – Kizuna (Yakuza Kizuna).

As to be expected, Yakuza Kizuna is yet another card battle game: players collect cards, battle other GREE users, team up with others to fight bosses, etc.

For the new smartphone Yakuza game, Sega dropped the cute look of the iOS title it released in July (see below). Yakuza Kizuna will hit GREE on March 26.

The video games of the franchise sold 5 million units, meaning this will be one of the major releases this month for GREE.


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