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GREE’s Doliland Anime Series To Go On Air Next Month [Social Games]


Last month, it was announced that Tanken Doliland (Driland outside Japan), GREE‘s super-popular social card battle game, is to be turned into a TV anime series.

Details were scarce at that point, but now GREE organized a big press event in Tokyo to introduce the show to a broader audience.

The dedicated website now says that the first episode of the Doliland anime will be aired on July 7, at 1130pm on TV Tokyo.

Screenshots from the anime:




What’s interesting is that the anime introduces new characters to the Doliland world: these characters will be made available as cards in the game one by one.

The first such character is Mikoto, pictured below (left: anime version, right: card version):

To drum up interest, GREE released a 3-minute Doliland trailer (“episode 0”), which is only accessible inside the smartphone version of the game: very clever.

Via Game Watch

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