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Mystic Monsters: Pokelabo’s Card Battle Game For The Global Market [Social Games]


Tokyo-based social game maker (and Sega partnerPokelabo has released “Mystic Monsters” on Tuesday, a social card battle game for iOS and Android.

Set on the island of Atlantis, Mystic Monsters is being pitched as a “dark fantasy RPG” that allows players to form guilds to fight monsters together.

What’s interesting is that:

  • it’s the company’s second title of this kind that’s not using the GREE or Mobage networks: just three weeks ago, Pokelabo released a very similar game called “The Clan Battle Of Fate”
  • Pokelabo first released the game in Japan but actually targets the global market
  • Mystic Monsters is designed from scratch to appeal not only to a Japanese but worldwide audience
  • Pokelabo will roll out the game to other countries one by one (no release dates available at this point though)

I gave the game a quick spin today, and Pokelabo did try to keep the “cute” manga-/anime-style to a minimum and went for a darker, more “gothic” design instead.

In case you wonder: yes, Mystic Monsters looks a lot like Rage Of Bahamut, but so do tons of other social card battle games from Japan, too.

Here are some screenshots I took:





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