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Macross SP: Mobage Gets Great-Looking 3D Social Shooting Game [Social Games]


Finally: BNDeNA, the joint venture announced by DeNA and Namco Bandai during the Tokyo Game Show last year (more here), has its first game ready. And it looks pretty nice, at least on pictures (more on that in a minute).

“Macross SP Cross Deculture” is, thank god, not the ten millionth social card battle game from Japan but a social shooting game. It has become available as a native app on Mobage for Android yesterday (an iOS version is in the works).

Based on the mega-popular Macross anime series, the game lets players take on the role of a mecha pilot who needs to complete missions and beat “raid bosses” with other players in a 3D environment (which was created with Unity).

Interesting license (the first Macross social game), fresh gameplay, great graphics: a promising mix for a mobile social game, but the problem is that Macross SP didn’t run properly on my Android device. The reviews from Japanese players on the app’s Google Play page suggest I am not the only one, so hopefully BNDeNA will push out an update soon.

The company hasn’t said anything yet if an English version will follow or not.





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