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Valkyries In The Twilight: DeNA’s 1st-Party Next-Gen Social Game Gets Trailer [Social Games]


Valkyries In The Twilight – that’s the name of a new first-party game DeNA is currently developing in Japan (and from the looks of it, it’s clearly geared towards the domestic market).

The social RPG takes place in Tokyo in 2020. Players have to lead a group of female high-school students through the real and a “parallel” world where they turn into valkyries to complete missions and kill monsters in various parts of Tokyo.

Users can choose one character out of the group at the beginning of the game and later team up with other Mobage players.

DeNA is marketing Valkyries In The Twilight as one of their “next-generation” social games (I would count Macross SP as one of those, too).

The title is scheduled to launch on Mobage in Japan sometime this summer.



Here is the first trailer:

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