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Capcom’s Q1 Financial Report: Mobile/Social Going Strong [Social Games]


Capcom released their financial report for Q1 FY2012 (April to June 2012) today, and things are looking pretty good.

All key numbers increased sharply, i.e. the operating profit (up 240% to 2.6 billion yen/US$33.3 billion) or net income, which is about four times higher at now US$12.6 million.

Capcom says one of the reasons for this development was that boxed games like Dragon’s Dogma for PS3 and Xbox360 sold well, but the company (once again) emphasizes the importance of the mobile/social games segment.

Apparently, “Minna to Monhan Card Master”, a social card battle game based on the popular Monster Hunter action RPG series does especially well on Mobage (more here).

Capcom also runs “Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima” and Biohazard Outbreak Survive on GREE, both successfully.

Beeline, Capcom’s label for smartphone games started last year, is seeing some great numbers, too.

Here are some details on Capcom’s mobile/social lineup:

At the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Capcom’s stock rose 114 yen (or 7.6%) to 1,615 yen today.

More on Capcom’s newest report over Inside Mobile Apps.

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