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Mixi’s Q1 FY2012 Report: Sales And Profit Up Y-O-Y, But MAU Declining [Social Networks]


Mixi posted its financial report for Q1 FY2012, and in a nutshell, things look mixed (no pun intended) for Japan’s biggest real-identity social network.

To dive right into it, sales went up 18.5% in the April-June quarter 2012 when compared to the same timeframe last year. Profits even went through the roof:

On a quarter-on-quarter basis however, sales dipped, although the drop was less severe than in the same timeframe last year (the watermark covers the word “charges”):

The good news is that platform usage fees coming from 3rd-party social games more than doubled year-on year (the watermark covers the word “app charges”):

The kompu gacha shock┬áthat shook up Japan’s social gaming industry in May also affected Mixi, however. As a consequence, the company changed its financial forecast:

The really bad news is that Mixi’s MAU seem to be gradually declining, caused by the success of competitors like Facebook, Twitter or LINE.

14.53 million MAU in June 2012 is still a pretty solid number, but the general trend should get Mixi worried.

Click to enlarge:

Page views are going down, too. If this is mainly due to technical issues, Mixi should do a better job in explaining what these issues are, because graphs like this don’t look good.

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