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Majin Kingdom: GREE Shuts Down Another 1st-Party Game [Social Games]


It seems like GREE‘s housecleaning wasn’t over: the company  is shutting down yet another one of their first-party games, social card battle game Majin Kingdom.

In the fantasy title, players enter a “Summons School”, collect God/Devil/Hero cards, team up with other “students”, and battle against various monsters.

GREE announced that players won’t be able to buy premium gacha from September 28 and that Majin Kingdom will be removed entirely on October 31.

It’s the third game in GREE’s “Kingdom” series that gets the axe in a matter of weeks: the company closed down Bakumatsu Kingdom and Sangokushi Kingdom in July.

Yet another GREE first-party game, social RPG Dragon Master, was shut down two weeks ago.

Via Social Game Info

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