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Puzzle & Dragons: Japanese iOS Hit Finally Goes Android [Social Games]


Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo’s impossibly successful mobile social game, has finally made the move from iOS to Android.

Released in the Japanese App Store back in February, the title is one of the first examples of a successful Japanese social game (on smartphones) that’s not distributed through the MobageGREE, or Mixi networks.

After occupying the top grossing position in Japan’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad for the past months, there is no doubt in my mind that GungHo will see the same kind of success on Google Play, too.

As announced earlier, Puzzle & Dragons’ Android version connects with the iOS version: friends can, for example, cooperate to finish quests together across these platforms (iPad <-> Android smartphone is possible, too).

In order to guarantee a smooth cross-platform experience going forward, GungHo promises that new updates (i.e. new levels) and events will be pushed to Apple and Android users at the same time going forward. Really clever.

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