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DeNA Wants To Bring gloops Games To The Global Market [Social Games]


I said it before, and I say it again: DeNA needs many, many more games to call itself a “platform” outside Japan. Just over 50 titles on Mobage in English, for example, are not enough to be able to use that term in my view – especially since Mobage Global was launched 15 months ago.

But at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 yesterday, the Mobage operator announced a pretty interesting move to improve the situation: DeNA inked a new deal with gloops to bring the latter company’s game to the global market.

gloops, one of Japan’s biggest third-party providers of social games, operates a number of very successful games on Mobage in Japan.

The company has already entered a strategic partnership with DeNA back in November 2011.

DeNA explains the new deal:

Under the agreement, gloops plans to provide five titles in 2012 and another five in 2013 to the Mobage network mainly targeted for North America and Europe, including one game based on a popular American franchise. The company also plans to launch one title on Mobage’s networks in China and South Korea. DeNA will provide user acquisition support to gloops as well as its expertise in bringing social games to international markets.


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