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On GREE: Konami’s Dragon Collection Hits 7 Million Users [Social Games]


Konami’s biggest social game Dragon Collection is now counting 7 million registered users, the company announced today. The title is exclusively available on GREE.

Dragon Collection was released on GREE on September 14, 2010, meaning it took 780 days to reach the 7 million user milestone.

Dragon Collection is widely recognized to have triggered the social card game boom in Japan and to be the main reason for Konami’s explosive growth in the social game segment.

To commemorate the milestone, the company not only started a number of in-game campaigns but also released a Dragon Collection iOS app today. That app comes with an opening movie and sound effects (whereas the original version is completely silent), amongst other things:

The game recently became available in the Canadian App Store (in English), too.

Via Social Game Info

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