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Mixi’s FY2012 Q2 Report: MAU Down Q-O-Q, Sales And Profit Up Y-O-Y [Social Networks]


Mixi has released its financial report for the second quarter of fiscal 2012, and it looks like the company’s actual situation is better than its current image in Japan.

Sales and profit have gone up year-on-year as follows, but most of the key financial numbers went sideways or south quarter-on-quarter:

Mixi says that for the contraction in sales, the recent guidelines to (self-)regulate social games are to be blamed:

What’s worrisome is the continuing decrease in MAU: it’s much slower than Mixi’s current mind share in Japan would suggest, but I am doubting that this comforts Japan’s biggest home-grown social network:

It’s now clearer than ever that Facebook really has more active users in Japan than Mixi, and there’s no indication that the general trend is going to come to a halt anytime soon.

Here’s a selection of what Mixi plans in the next months to improve its site:

A look back at a few key social games that launched on Mixi in recent months:

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