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DeNA’s Q2 FY2012 Report: US$627 Million In Revenue, 40.6% Profit Margin [Social Games]


DeNA released their financial report for Q2 FY2012 today, and in a nutshell, things are looking pretty good for the Mobage operator.

The last quarter is the first in the history of the company in which sales topped 50 billion yen (50.3 billion yen/US$627 million). Operating profit stood at a staggering 20.4 billion yen/US$254 million:

Mobacoin consumption reached a total of US$700 million worldwide, with another “nearly $30 million” coming from outside of Japan:

DeNA explains:

As of November 5, Mobage West, targeted for North America and Europe, boasted six thriving titles in the top 30 of Google Play’s top grossing chart and saw over $1 average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) across multiple titles including Blood Brothers and Ninja Royale. Mobage West operates a robust catalog of more than 80 games including first and second-party titles Blood Brothers, Marvel: War of Heroes, Quests & Sorcery and HellFire, as well as third-party titles Rage of Bahamut, Deity Wars, Fantasica, Pocket Planes, and Warriors of Odin.

I would say that the entire report should be pretty interesting and relevant for everyone reading this. It can be downloaded as a PDF in English here.

GREE is reporting on November 14, with The Nikkei predicting that DeNA’s arch rival will have weaker numbers to share.

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