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Reign Of Dragons: Drecom Rolls Out English-Language Card Battle Game On GREE [Social Games]


Tokyo-based (and listed) Drecom is once again trying it with an English-language mobile social game:┬áReign Of Dragons, a “typical” F2P card battle game, is now available on iOS.

Drecom isn’t really mentioning it in the iTunes app description, but the company used the GREE platform for distribution this time.

Reign Of Dragons follows two other card battlers from Drecom, namely Monster Arms (released in English in April) and Spirit Force, one of the very first J-card battlers available in English (released in 2011).

The new title is the English version of Dragon Dreizehn, which is very popular on the GREE and Mixi platforms in Japan at the moment. In the game, players are supposed to collect dragon and warrior cards in order to become the “Dragon King”.

It’s fairly standard in terms of gameplay, but for the international version, Drecom used some new illustrations.

As I mentioned earlier, Japan’s social gaming companies will continue to flood the American and worldwide markets with card battle games going forward.

Here is the official English trailer for Reign Of Dragons:

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