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Square Enix Announces Chocobo Farming Game For GREE [Social Games]


Square Enix announced “Chocobo No Chocotto Nouen”, a farming simulation that will be available on GREE for feature phones and smartphones by year-end.

The biggest bullet point here is that the game uses Chocobo, a large bird that regularly appears in Final Fantasy RPGs (since the 1980s) and also had its own games. There is even a (pretty detailed) English Wikipedia article on the character.

Apart from that, Chocobo No Chocotto Nouen sounds like it will be a pretty straightforward farming sim (see pictures below).

Pre-registration for the game started yesterday: Square Enix says that users registering early will get a rare “black Chocobo” (the bird is usually yellow) as a present when the game actually goes live.

Last month, GREE and Square Enix announced a game distribution partnership that includes the Final Fantasy franchise.

Here are the first Chocobo No Chocotto Nouen screenshots:




Via Game Watch

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