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Tokyo-Based Mobile Game Maker Colopl Goes IPO, Boasts US$480 Million In Market Cap


Tokyo-based mobile game maker Colopl got listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Thursday and saw its share price soar 88% from 3,000 to 5,650 yen on the first day (ticker: 3668).

The listing was announced last month.

And it is a pretty big one: Colopl is boasting a 40 billion yen (US$480 million) market cap currently. The company even reached 44.5 billion yen (US$533 million) on the first trading day.

In other words, Colopl is Japan’s biggest listed social game provider (not counting platform owners DeNA and GREE) by market cap today: bigger than companies such as Voltage, KLab, Ateam, enish (which went IPO a few days ago), etc.

Expect a number of mobile game makers to follow Colopl and enish next year.

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