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Konami Now Boasts 35 Million Social Game Users


Just a few weeks after Namco Bandai went public saying they have 30 million, Konami is now boasting a total of 35 million registered users across all of their social games.

The company reported 10 million users in September 2011 and 20 million in April 2012.

Konami revealed that Dragon Collection has over 7 million players, while Sengoku Collection has 3.5 million, and Professional Baseball Dream Nine counts 5 million users. All of these titles are card battlers.

The company uses several platforms to distribute its social games, including GREE, Mobage, or Docomo’s new dgame service.

The other big social games Konami currently operates are:

To celebrate the 35-million milestone, Konami started several “thank you” in-game campaigns today, giving away virtual items or points to users.

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