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DeNA’s Results For Q3 FY2012: Sales And Profit Grew Over 50% Year-On-Year


DeNA released their results for the third quarter (ending December 31, 2012) of fiscal 2012 today, and things are looking pretty good for the Mobage operator overall.

As usual, I could copy and paste the whole presentation on the new numbers here, but the major bullet point is that revenue ballooned by 52% to 52.3 billion yen (US$567 million) year-on-year, while operating profit grew by 54% to 19.9 billion yen (US$216 million):

DeNA Results For Q3 FY2012

These are staggering numbers, at least year-on-year. By way of comparison: Zynga, which is often called the “biggest social gaming company in the world”, reported US$311 million in sales in their last financial quarter (that number stayed flat year-on-year). And Zynga is losing money.

And in GREE, Japan has a second company that is (at the moment, at least) outperforming Zynga.

The new DeNA numbers are even more noteworthy when taking into account that DeNA is still a very Japanese company: according to the new financial report, “just” US$50 million in Moba-coins (Mobage’s virtual currency) were pulled in abroad last quarter. (The actual revenue outside Japan is lower than that US$50 million.)
Here is what DeNA announced for their international business:DeNA's Results For Q3 FY2012 2DeNA's Results For Q3 FY2012 3

The report obviously contains a lot more information. It can be downloaded here (press release).

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