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Report: DeNA Saw Sales In The US Between April-June Grow To $90 Million, Plans To Introduce Mobile News And Video In The US


The Nikkei has just reported online that things are starting to look better overseas for DeNA (2432): according to the Japanese business daily, the Mobage operator has seen sales in the US grow 600% year-on-year to US$90 million in the April-June quarter.

Note: this number hasn’t been confirmed by DeNA yet and probably means the company’s overall international sales, not only in the US.

The plan is now to turn Mobage overseas into a profitable business – on a monthly basis – “by the end of 2013”.

What’s interesting is that DeNA is reportedly planning to do this not only by continuing to offer games but expanding its products to other mobile content like news and video.

Without going into further details, the Nikkei says that the company will use its existing American Mobage platform for distribution (and not some other channel).

The paper has also learned that competitor GREE (3632) is trying to bolster its international operations as well, especially in Europe.

GREE is said to be ready to translate several English-language games into French, German, Italian and Spanish. In addition, the company will send personnel from its office in San Francisco to Europe.

Just yesterday, The Nikkei reported that GREE is likely to announce that sales and profit for the company as a whole have gone down last quarter.

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