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GREE Teases Its Next-Gen Social RPG “Saga Of Fantasm: A”


Last year in September, during the Tokyo Game Show 2012, GREE (3632) took the wraps off “Project Fantasm:A”, a new first-party title with some pretty high-profile names behind it.

GREE didn’t talk much about their “AAA” social game since but fast forward to today, and it’s apparently much closer to release: after renaming the title to “Saga Of Fantasm: A”, the company now made it possible for users in Japan to pre-register for the 3D RPG.

The exact date (or a possible international release) is still undecided, but “Saga Of Fantasm: A” will hit iOS as well as Android in the form of F2P native apps.

Details regarding the story are scarce, but it looks like GREE users will take on the role of a young man who meets a mysterious girl and has to go on a journey to uncover  their personal destiny – and subsequently that of the world the game is set in.

Ex-Square Enix employee Toshiro Tsuchida is the creative director, Takeshi Arakawa (who used to work for the same company) is the producer, and Final Fantasy soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu is also on board. More on that on Kotaku.

As a result, it’s no big surprise that “Saga Of Fantasm: A” looks (and probably will sound) a lot like a mobile Final Fantasy.

GREE as well as its main competitor, Mobage operator DeNA (2432), didn’t have a hit first-party game in a long time – so the similarity to the world’s biggest RPG franchise is probably not a bad thing.

Here is the “launch trailer”:

First screenshots from the game:

saga of fantasm a

saga of fantasm a 6 saga of fantasm a 4 saga of fantasm a 03

GREE gives away this card to everyone who pre-registers:

saga of fantasm a 2

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