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Postman: Facebook Japan Is Offering A Postcard Service, Too (With Dentsu) [Social Networks]


Facebook Japan and the country’s biggest advertising agency Dentsu are copying an innovation from Mixi: both companies have announced the launch of “Postman”, a service that makes it possible to create and send New Year greeting postcards to your friends on Facebook.

Just like with Mixi’s Nenganjo service (now managed together with a Hakuhodo joint venture called frenxxo), users don’t need to know the actual physical address of the senders (they will get asked). The site is online, but postcards can be ordered starting not before November 15.

Users can choose between four different versions for the postcards (simple, double-sided cards, etc.) and are also able to send cards overseas (prices: between 97 yen and 450 yen).

Dentsu is Facebook Japan’s advertising partner and just teamed up with Microsoft Japan to offer a B2B marketing service for the social network.

These are some first screenshots of the future Postman website:

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