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GREE’s Market Cap: US$8.3 Billion, DeNA: US$5.1 Billion [Social Games]


GREE stock has lost over 5% at the Tokyo Stock Exchange today (after the lawsuit against DeNA), but it did better than its rival: DeNA’s stock lost 6.6%, and hit 2,454 yen, the lowest price this year.

GREE’s market cap now stands at US$8.3 billion, while that of DeNA amounts to “just” US$5.1 billion currently. By way of comparison: Electronic Arts’ market cap is US$7.3 billion.

DeNA’s previous low of this year was on March 15 (2,490 yen), a few days after the big earthquake that hit Japan on March 11.

A Japanese magazine called FACTA today reported that DeNA stockĀ  has seen some unusual activity on the Tokyo Stock Exchange right before the company announced plans to acquire a baseball team, resulting in the drop today.

DeNA issued an official statement, stating that none of their executives were involved in insider trading.

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