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Konami Won’t Be Happy: gloops’ Social Baseball Card Game Hits 2.5 Million Users [Social Games]


The biggest third-party game provider on Mobage, Tokyo-based gloops, announced its social baseball card game “Dainekkyo!! Pro Yakyu Card” hit 2.5 million users on January 8.

The game was released on August 18, reached 1.5 million registered players on October 19, and 2 million on November 18.

It’s as if Konami was expecting this kind of success: the Dragon Collection maker filed a lawsuit against gloops in September (one month after launch), claiming that Dainekkyo!! Pro Yakyu Card infringes on the copyright of their social baseball card game, Professional Baseball Dream Nine.

The Konami title was available exclusively for GREE for a long time, until it hit Mobage in October last year, putting it in direct competition to gloops’ baseball game.

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