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KLab Establishes Klab America In San Francisco [Social Games]


KLab has been relatively serious about doing business outside Japan so far: the company owns Manila-based game maker Cyscorpions, established KLab Global in Singapore, and just bought a foreigner-led gaming startup called Pikkle in Tokyo.

And now KLab is going to the US: the company announced it will establish KLab America, Inc., in San Francisco on April 24.

The US subsidiary will be led by Tetsuya Sanada (who is CEO of KLab proper). David “DC” Collier, the former CEO of Pikkle, has been appointed CTO.

What’s interesting is that according to KLab, games for the global market will be offered on the App Store, Google Play, Facebook and the Zynga platforms: there is no word about possible KLab games on Mobage in English or GREE’s future global platform.

This sounds a lot like Drecom’s international business and distribution strategy.

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