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GREE Invests In Vancouver-Based Mobile Gaming Company IUGO [Social Games]


GREE‘s US subsidiary GREE International is trying to strengthen its position in North America: the San-Francisco based company has announced it bought a stake in IUGO, a mobile game maker from Vancouver.

Terms and details of the deal weren’t disclosed, but GREE says it was a “minority investment”.

The company explains:

Under the new partnership, IUGO and GREE will co-develop high-quality, free-to-play content leveraging IUGO’s three proprietary technologies – IUGO Games Library™, IRender™3D Engine, and IUGO Mesh™ Social Game Engine – which GREE will use to expedite development and enhance the quality of its social mobile games.

The IUGO deal follows the investment in Wizcorp, a Tokyo-based maker of HMTL5-based mobile games, earlier this month.

DeNA opened an office in Canada at the beginning of the year

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