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26 Titles On Display: GREE Gets Ready For E3 [Social Games]


GREE has released details about their booth at the upcoming E3 in LA, after announcing their presence at the show back in February. Between June 5 and 7, GREE is planning to showcase a total of 26 games (including some new ones) and staff the booth with some high-level executives.

The E3 lineup will include:

  • GREE’s insanely popular card battle RPG Doliland (which will be called Driland outside Japan)
  • Gameloft’s Gang Domination (announced in February)
  • Wacky Motors (a 3D racing game GREE has teased in Japan only so far)
  • Closet Wars (a “fashion designer simulation” from GREE partner Crowdstar)
  • Resident Evil Vs. (it’s unclear if this is the English version of Biohazard Survive or an entirely new game, probably the latter)
  • Shaking Vegas (the GREE port of Vostu’s casino/puzzle game)

What’s interesting about the Shaking Vegas announcement is that GREE (unless I missed something) hasn’t mentioned Vostu as a partner for their new global platform before.

I won’t be able to make it to E3 this year, but GREE’s booth is located at #2810 in the South Exhibit Hall.

More background on GREE’s E3 plans over at Inside Mobile Apps.

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