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GREE Buys Korea-Based Social Game Maker PaprikaLab [Social Games]


Five weeks after the Funzio deal in the US, GREE acquired another foreign social game maker. This time, the company went for Korean startup PaprikaLab, which has released a number of titles on Facebook and mobile devices so far.

GREE teamed up with Seoul-based COM2US for a social baseball game last summer, opened an office in Seoul last fall, invested in Korean smartphone game company Mobicle in January, and partners with two other local startups (Company 100 and Pictosoft) for the global GREE platform.

Terms of the PaprikaLab weren’t disclosed, but GREE does say the deal will be finalized on June 22. PaprikaLab was founded in 2007.

Via The Next Web Asia (GREE Korea’s press release in Korean)

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