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DeNA Releases Projections For The April-June Quarter [Social Games]


DeNA today announced its financial results forecast for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 (April to June 2012), and things aren’t looking too bad – in the light of the recent complete (kompu) gacha shock and the regulation that came with it.

Because of the kompu gacha shock, DeNA decided not to release any forecast when the company announced their earnings on May 9: the stocks of all social gaming companies got hammered around that time frame.

Fast forward five weeks, and the Mobage operator feels confident enough to share the following projection (released today, full PDF):

By way of comparison:
DeNA reported for the last quarter (Q4, FY2011):
42,236 million yen in net sales
18,649 million yen in operating income


for the same quarter last fiscal (Q1, FY 2011):
34,649 million yen in net sales
15,809 million yen in operating income

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