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Dark Summoner Racks Up 1 Million Downloads In 2 Weeks, Now At 2 Million [Social Games]


Dark Summoner, a mobile social card battle game made by Nagoya-based Ateam, continues to do well.

The title was released worldwide on iOS on February 23 this year, on Android on July 18, and hit 1 million downloads on July 27 – after around 170 days.

And today Ateam announced that Dark Summoner hit 2 million downloads, meaning a second million users joined the game in just 2 weeks. The title is not using the Mobage or GREE networks by the way.

To celebrate the milestone, the company has set up an in-game campaign that allows users to lay their hands on these special cards:

Ateam also says that Dark Summoner’s first promo video on YouTube racked up 600,000 views in about 2 weeks. The company updated the video with a new version, which I embedded below.

Ateam went IPO in April this year (current market cap: US$130 million).

Dark Summoner’s new promo video:

Via Social Game Info

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