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Tales Of Card Evolve: Bandai Namco’s Social Card Battle Game Lands On GREE [Social Games]


In June, Bandai Namco caused quite a splash when the company announced a partnership with GREE under which a number of selected social games would be released on GREE’s Japanese and global platforms.

(Before that, Bandai Namco inked a similar deal with Mobage in 2011, which was even refreshed in April this year.)

Fast forward to today, and one of the GREE-exclusive titles that was announced in June is now live: Tales Of Card Evolve (the second social game based on Namco Bandai’s popular “Tales Of ” RPG series).

The title is the second coming out of the Bandai Namco-GREE partnership (it follows manga adaptation Naruto).

Here are some Tales Of Card Evolve screenshots: as the name suggests, it’s a social card battle game.






Via Game Watch

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